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I was ready to love the whole world, but no one understood me, and I learned to hate

i am scared to fall in love, to open up to someone, to speak my mind. Feelings scare me.

What i would desperately ask for in the future?

I want to go to a country like Australia, but not have a permanent home, well actually do but that i can just leave when ever i want and come back after when ever you know. Just you and a friend to tag along or anyone. I just want to go from one state to another travel all the interesting places and seeing stuff out there. Making my own home in different places, like if we don’t feel like driving we just camp or stop anywhere you know. Having fun, being able to manage living with only a few things which are necessary. That feeling of not knowing where to go is scary but at the same time thrilling and exciting.
I just dream about that every-single day!

I am in love with characters from books. Characters which only your mind can picture as if they are alive, just like you know them. But what sucks is that eventually they are not real..

'Guitar Highway Rose' by Brigid Lowry is such an amazing book.

It is so special. It is based mostly on a girl; Rose and a guy; Asher - age about 16years old. Asher moves from Byron bay to a place up north from it. Leaving behind everything like his father and friends and his hobby; surfing.
Love the way Rose, when she first saw him she thought he was a bit up tight, being with dreadlocks and private and all that. But now that they are working together on the school project and they meet up at his house their friendship it really getting along.

I am loving the way he wanted to leave his home to go somewhere where nobody judges him and she goes with him, even tho he wants her to go he is concerned about her feelings, about what her parents will do knowing that she left. Also it’s so cute that everything was so weird at first, renting a place and that they have to sleep in the same bed, being shy and at the same time glad that they are together, just the thought of each other being there is what counts.

This is what i fall in love with. I always imagine something like that. Friendship, getting to know each other, their every thought and being comfortable with each other. And the best part is, you fall in love with the real him/her

Sometimes all i want is to tag along with someone and leave anywhere without even knowing where we are going. I mean life is good. But having an adventure with someone special, anyone that pops into your mind first, would be amazing. Getting away from everything, taking nothing but the most essential needs packed everything in a backpack and a map. i hope for something like that actually someday.

You sit there waiting on some beautiful boy to save you from your old days.

Been to ‘Shannon Noll’ concert tonight :D!

It was utterly AMAZING! i held his HAND 2 times, screamed our heads off and told him that we are from over seas. It was AMAZING, his band are abfenboen!! and his voice ♥! Got the chance to talk to his MUM !!! and told her to say hi for me to him ! and his band members one of them winked 2 times and the other smiled back, they where such nice gentlemens! i LOVED IT!!
He was so down-to-earth and funny :)

I will never forget this night!!  

To die in a place of someone i love seems like a good way to go.

This morning i went for a ride with the bike and went around the lake in-front of our house. I was going down this valley thing and there was this guy walking/running towards me so i stopped and waited for him to pass and he smiled to me, to say ‘Thank You’ i assume. When i went again for the next round i saw him again and when i looked at him he winked, I smiled back politely. My thoughts where ‘did he just wink? what for?’

I felt so ‘weird’ i don’t know what the actual word is. But i went back home, i am so awkward, i can’t even describe myself!’

-Wednesday 8th August, 2012